Hello world… Yesterday is gone, today is here. Focus on today and plan for tomorrow, but don’t be anxious over it.

E5A121F4-4792-4229-BE3A-7CCDFA3CB6A6.jpegHello world…
Yesterday is gone, today is here. Focus on today and plan for tomorrow, but don’t be anxious over it. This is the activity I started my day with @ 9am at Bootcamp @ TGF. Today’s workout was special. I know there’s some savvy fitness driven people like me out there. Do you understand this exercise? Do you think it has to be done one after the other? Ha! Nope, Nope! Wants to know?

I blogged about me being ill yesterday, and my 2 year old toddler was my doctor. I love her to the moon back. Why I ended up at Bootcamp this morning, when I woke up feeling the same way I felt yesterday? I’m old school, I decided to why not sweat it out?

when I arrived there at 5:45, there were no one there in the parking lot but me. I pulled up the schedule on my phone, and noticed I did register for the 9am class, the only class! I’m program people!!! In a way that’s a good thing because for people with mental illness, their days goes better when they have a routine.

What a girl to do! It’s good thing I don’t live far from the location. I drove my butt home and crawled under my sheets to go back to bed. Hence, the preworkout drink I chugged down along with a cup of coffee on my way there. Huhhh!!!  I’m now wired!!! Did I say wired? I decided to just lay there, eventually, I fell asleep. I ended up with maybe 30-1 hour sleep.

Now, back to my mission. I’m ready to sweat out this whatever is making me feel so horrible. Round up to be partnered to start our workout. Mike, the trainer said “no partner up, “You’re on your own”. He proceed to explain the whole work out. So I thought to myself we are going to do each one workout, one after the other.

No! this is how it works, so you do 12 jackknives then to 11 star wings then go back to 12 Jackknives. Do you now understand? Each one you complete you back to the top until you get to the last number.

Of course, some snucked out early, some quit and some didn’t finish. I was one of the ones that didn’t finish or else I would’ve been there for 3 hours. The class is 1 hour, it was 15 mins after and the remaining ones were still there. Yes, you assumed right. We were there close to 2 hours. I finished every exercise on the board. After manmaker I just went straight down the list. See the smile on my face!! So, to me I finished.

Love Mike, because the ones in the room were still there working, while the others were running stop sign, or running single block. We got to do double block run. Ahhhhhh!!

after I yelled at him, no I didn’t! I did rolled my eyes. I took all my stuff put them in the car and ran/ power walked the double block.

Hence, did I complete my mission and sweat out whatever is making me feel bad? NO. I had to call my primary who happens to be close because of the holidays. Sometime old school tricks just don’t work ok! Back to bed. Until next time.


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