To be continued: My case of Benjamin Button

F7DF3BBC-FD4E-4053-9ABD-0B2B5E8C79F6Take care of the only body you have, eat right and exercise. I’ve heard from a doctor at 38 things start shifting… mhhhhh!!!!

Im not trying to look like a model, but I want to feel my best and look like the best me. I want to be able to to take care of my children by taking care of myself first.

By taking care of my body, I can take care of my mental health and do the best to help myself with the chronic illnesses that are breaking down my body without relying solely on medications.

The best medication is actually in your nutrition and keep your body moving. A body in motion stay in motion.  Take care if you first, no one will do it for you if you don’t. You can’t give much of yourself if you don’t have enough to give.

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