Bringing awareness, you could share in the process. Most are familiar with the story of Noah building the ark with his family.

83FAA867-71F1-4D15-AED9-D86F1E9ABAA5Most are familiar with the story of Noah building with his family. While Noah was given this assignment from God to build the the arch. People thought he was waisting his time because it never rained before.

However, he was building something so much greater than himself. He was building to save lives and not only that he was building this very large ship. He was preaching and making awareness to everyone about what was coming ahead. Another instruction he received from God. Which both of those instructions were commands.

While he was spending so much time with his family on this long project. People thought he was possibly wasting too much on the project that he was assigned by Jehovah God. Maybe, one of the comments was he is so talented the arc is coming together so well. He’s family had too much time on their hands, because they were not taking part of what was going on, of what others was using their time for.

Noah and his family were not judge mental, but he was caring and showing love towards his neighbor because he wanted to save their lives. He wanted to tell them that they need to turn away from bad because there was going to be a flood and he was sharing that because him and his family was going to be saved and he wanted that for the others.

Whether, you are spiritual person or not this is a true story that happened that’s written in the Bible that many possess. Even if you are not spiritual or have not read it you may have heard of it or read it. They continued to do what they were instructed to do speaking of Noah and his family because they knew this was loving for their God Jehovah to want to save them.

So, I’m using this illustration because sometimes others may not see things the way you see them and they may not realize what good you are doing or what you are building. By far I’m saying God gave me this work to do to save lives.

However, out love and knowing what’s it’s like for others that’s on a journey similar or the same as mine. I’m simply bringing awareness and maybe some lives can be spared and love ones could also be educated and share in bringing awareness.

2 thoughts on “Bringing awareness, you could share in the process. Most are familiar with the story of Noah building the ark with his family.

  1. Amy says:

    I really want to thank you for creating something so positive. To think about others and doing what we can to uplift ones is such a rewarding feeling. Please continue to bring a smile to those that are living in constant sadness.

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    • Herline Faustin- Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      I’m so touched thank you. When I started this two months ago, I truly didn’t expect that kind of response. Although I only received a few comments from my blog. If I can make a positive affect on one or two. I’m glad. Those comments are encouraging for me to continue to this even when I’m in my moments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. PS. Herline aka Lina


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