Fighting the beast: “Thyroid Disease”

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!

5C368BC4-FCBE-4B2D-B077-55473DC35455Who wakes up and feel that way? No matter what kind of thyroid disease you have, it’s a horrible chronic illness to deal with.

For me, the worst is doctors does not have a complete explanation for it. So, we as the patient, even with doing our own research, we are left in the dark.
How many times your doctor tells you, “your labs looks great, looks like the medication is working”.

However, that wonderful news means nothing to you, because you feel awful. Some of the things I experience myself, as one that’s diagnosed with Grave disease hyperthyroidism. I constantly have a hard time with falling asleep, staying asleep and getting out bed, because I’m to tired.

Like may others, brain foggyness is the worst. I tend to ask myself, am I getting dumber or am I having dimentia? Because, my short term memory is so horrible. If you’re diagnosed with any thyroid illness, you know I can go on and on about the effects.

What have I been doing to help myself? So I try to eat as healthy as I can. As you gain weight just by looking at food, thinking about food without eating it.  Even if it’s the impossible to exercise,because energy is over your head in space somewhere. I try to exercise as often as possible. I joined a small group of bootcamp in order for me to be motivated. I know if I have to do it on you own, I will choose to be home.

As a mother fighting this beast “Thyroid”. It’s another big challenge to care for a family, including a toddler. A 2 year toddler does not understand mommy does not have the energy to play.  Ask for help.  I wasn’t doing this before, because I felt guilty. Now, I do. I’m learning my limitations. I use my resources if they are available. I ask any family members, my older children, husband, friends, sisters. Even, if I only get 2 hours of rest. It’s better than nothing.

Thyroid is such a complex Illness. I can write for hours about the effect of thyroid that I experience, or about all the types of thyroid diseases out there. All we can do, is try our best.

Here’s some information about the several types of thyroid diseases. This is to give you an idea what others are diagnosed with.

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