Survival techniques: Choosing to exist not just existing.


2FD5550B-7CA8-4224-8DFC-92EAB6D8A0F3This is the thought of a woman who is battling several physical and mental chronic illnesses. Those are some of my challenges, therefore I need to have survival techniques to survive.

What are your challenges? What are your survival techniques in this crazy world. My survival techniques are important to me. what are your survival techniques that are important to you?

My survival techniques are important to me to keep in existent and not just existing. What’s your survival techniques? I don’t know, because I’m not tracking your life. I’m to busy trying to be alive so I can do the things that are most important to me, such as my service to God, taking care of myself so I can take care of my children and my family.

God knows and I know. If you want to know, I might tell you. But don’t judge. Today is not judgment day and if it is judgment today, you will not be the one that I stand before. We all are Imperfect.

We are all on a survival Journey one way or another. It maybe different journey, but we all are aiming to arrive at the same place. A place of hope, a place of peace, the place of the real life, a better life. We all have a choice, this what I choose. So, you can either join me, support me or leave me.

Please leave a comment, question, or open a discussion. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Survival techniques: Choosing to exist not just existing.

  1. Amy says:

    I struggle with mental issues. Several of them at that. . Its one of the easiest subject to admit i have, but one of the hardest thing i have to live with. It just comes at times that i dont even expect it. The worse feeling is having everyone around see you and think your fine. But im not. I suffer from major depressive order. Not a fun thing to live with especially while being a single mom. I live with anxieties and fear. I think that everyone who is going thru any type of mental behaviors could benefit deeply with expressing how we feel even if with comments. We never know who could be reading this and get encouraged today.

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    • Herline Faustin- Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      It means so much to me that you reply with such heartfelt thoughts. This is the reason I’m doing this blog because we have had the textbook stuff often from people that has no idea what it’s like and how hard and challenging especially when you’re a mother. This encourages me to continue to work harder at continuing to do this blog. Very soon I will upgrade where I can do live videos. I can’t wait because it’s going to be raw no filters. Thank you again. Continue to look out for more of my post daily and sometime multiple times a day. Keep fighting. You’re not along in the journey of dealing with this monster illness with a face and personality of its own. Together we’ll get through this. Xoxo


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