The guilt of living with mental illness along with other chronic illnesses

The challenge of being  a mother and want to be available for mychildren.  I have a 16, 14 teenage boys and 2 year toddler girl. They all have different personalities, different attention span and different needs.

I’m also a wife, who need to perform the duties of wife and be available for my husband in what ever level that’s necessary. Whether it’s sipporting him with work and changes and adjustment theater going on.

Realistically. A lot of days, I can’t wake up to even get in the bathroom to complete basic hygenic for myself.  I personally at times feels like a failure, even tough I know I’m trying my best. But it’s what everyone else expect your best to be, that matters. So You tell your self,

Remember, what’s important is give your children as much love as possible and don’t leave them in the dark about your illness. Base on their age, share with them what they can understand and handle the questions and answers base on their understanding.

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