Poetry Decode my heart; The Talk.

E91D2FC7-62C7-478B-B23C-A0B3AB360254I had an encounter with her, she came along once again don’t know how long she will remain. Her presence is loving warm, full of joy yet, overwhelming why I ask?  please be still! she feels happy and free at times. enjoy the happy moments she says yet, still overwhelming.

Feelings she wants to enjoy, the clarity of her mind? the glow on her face, the brightness in her eyes yet, still overwhelming. When is ever consistency or normalcy? What is that she wants?  she doesn’t have the answers. the image of her heart, she’s full with joy, scared to enjoy her joy.

Live the moment, live the moment of joy. It might just be a moment. Take a deep breath and exhale and enjoy the moment she said.

Not to worry about later, you love yourself, the ones surround you. you are out of prison you are no longer captive within. enjoy your freedom, it could be for a moment. you don’t know freedom, seize the freeness, seize the moment, seize the clarity within her. There will be no comparison of today and the day of tomorrow.

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