Imperfection can’t strive for perfection.

FD3E3DD9-945C-4B86-A8DC-508C487A3A1DJehovah God our creator knows that we our imperfection. As he is a loving God, he will never ask us to strive for something that’s impossible to achieve. We were not born perfect, therefore we can’t strive for perfection. We have to be reasonable and realistic with ourselves. We can’t reach perfection but we continue to make progress, strive to be better everyday. Knowing that since we are imperfect, we make mistakes along the way. We learn from the mistaking and turn into lessons that will help us to great at something or a lot of things. If we are realistic with ourselves, and not beat ourselves up. We achieve than we imagine, we’ll surprise ourselves. All become we are not trying and striving for something that we’re not. BE YOU. STRIVE FOR PROGRESS TO BECOME THE BEST YOU! IMPERFECT CANT ACHIEVE PERFECTION.

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