Coping with stress using coping mechanism is our lifeline.


Stress at time is unavoidable. Therefore, finding your best coping mechanism is vital. We can’t run away from what causes us stress as it is part of life, coping is part of your life line.

Stress can be a very painful thing even at times unbearable to deal with. In family setting, marriage. It’s almost impossible to avoid stress.   We, as someone that is ill with a chronic illness where you have to avoid stress, because it could cause you your life.

This can apply to someon that has a Physical chronic illness or mental chronic illness. So many things can worsen our health, believe it or not stress could be one. Stress, I would refer to it as the silent killer. I’m going to share my experience with you in two different scenarios. One I wasn’t aware of the severity of my stress, the other one I was totally aware. I sure wasn’t ready for what was to happen next.

#1 scenario: Me and very good friend of mine was non speaking terms. One night around 8 pm she came by and asked to for us to talk. I accept as I was eager for us to rekindle our friendship. We went to my bedroom for privacy. She pout out crying how sorry she was for the fact our friendship got to this point. We cried together, we hugged. Told each other how much we missed each other and immediately plan our girls date.

I went to bed happy I was so happy that I had my friend back. I woke up in the morning, a smile on my face remembering knowing I have my friend back. I went to the bathroom to start my day, I looked up in the mirror my right eye seemed different. I aske my husband if he notice something different he says no. I assume I’m having a flare up from my (RA) Rheumatoid Athritis.

Continuing with my day, I made oatmeal and start to feed my baby. I felt like the right side of my face was twitching when I speak. I immediately called my Primary Phyisician who asked to come the office right away thinking I  was having a stroke.

By the time I arrived there and to the exam room, I lost about all mobility on the right side of my face. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

#2 Scenario: Less than year later. I was experiencing a lot of stress with so many aspect of my life. So, this time I was aware of  being under stress. To continue, I am living with many Mental Health diagnoses. Anxiety, depression, PTSD to name a few. I was seeing by psychiatrist every 3 months and psychologist every 2 weeks for counseling. I had a pretty awesome medical and Mental Heath team.

Here we go, I had a session with my therapist on Saturday warning me about the stress the severity of my stress level. She advised of : Conversion Reaction disorder is a mental condition where a person can become paralyzed with no medical expiation.

Wedneday afternoon, coming home from picking up my son from school. Along the way to pick him up I was having a panic attack leaving my neurologist office and I was running late to pick him up. I took the baby out the car seat, as I walked in the house legs started to feel heavy.

I told my son to call his older brother to come help me. As I’m walking towards the baby’s room, I recall telling myself to put one foot in front of the other. By the time I got to the room,  there’s a twin bed there and I barely made it to the bed. I was just pouring tears, I couldn’t feel my legs. I had my son call 911, I was taking to the Hospital, I was monitored on the machine where my vitals were out of control.

i was given treatment and after being there for about 2-3 hours I was able to go home. So, I’m sharing this to make people aware that things could’ve gotten worst. In other situations it has and to do whatever you need to do , to avoid unnecessary stress.

There are so many things that can help with stress. To give you a few examples, there’s apps on your smart phone that can teach deep breathing. There’s free apps for music, as well as spa music to help you relax. Whoever believe in God, some find prayer to be a powerful tool for them. I for one find prayer to be helpful and all the other ones I mentioned. Exercise is another, see a therapist. Whatever can bring you to your happy place. Once you find it do not let anyone into your happy place. That everyone could mean your life.




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