How I start my day 6 days a week..


Meet Leticia owner & trainer at TrueGrit Fit Bootcamp. Mike and her are owner of this wonderful place. They make sure every work is a great one never the same. So your body is challenged daily, which a great if you’re into fitness. Her and Mike are the cutest couple and have a 3 year old very active cute toddler. Well, today Malory gave us a great workout today. That’s how I started my morning with coffee and lots of water. Since I’m doing Keto lifestyle I’m going to incorporate my veggies in an other way instead of cooking them all the time. I will write a blog about it and will let you all know, when it’s publish on my page. TGI : MOM DON’T COOK DAY🤗🤗🤗🤗

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