About last night. Conversation with a friend. Around 10/11pm.

This friend is remaining undisclosed for the purpose of privacy.  We will call this friend “Hope”

10D13EF2-E791-4552-872A-49DA1622BF85Hope: I love ur post I have several mental health issues, people don’t understand. It really is taking it one day at a time with God.

Me: Yes that’s why I write and post on that topic. I deal with the same issues daily. So many of us out there looking for support but they scare to say something. Mostly they fear they will be look down on. I pray to Jehovah God for all the friends that are suffering with this terrible illness, to help them a day at a time.

My purpose for this site/blog, I wanted them to know that they are not alone. I’m glad you inbox me, even if it’s a message makes a difference. If you want to talk, you know you have an option to talk to someone that understands.

Hope: It’s difficult for us to serve Jehovah. I may look like I’m ok but I don’t even leave my apartment, I have it so bad. I have 4 teens that I raise on my own. It has gotten worse for me, I tell them all the time that, Jehovah is really the One taking care of them. It’s a battle. That post is timely because someone other than me is reading it.

Me: I’m glad I did share my experience living with Mental Illnesses. I often experience severe anxiety, for me to leave the house lately has so challenging almost impossible. I have 2 teens and a 2 year toddler. It takes everything out of me to drop and pick up my son sometimes.

I often ask my husband in tears to get him for mebif he’s home from work. You can message anytime. Via email on the website or DM me on Instagram. Stay close to Jehovah God in prayer.

Hope: I was tearing as I was reading your post. THANK YOU for encouraging me like u can’t even imagine by your constant posts!

Me: Awww you make me want to cry. Well you know like the scriptures says iron sharpens iron. We need the support, it’s everything. Have you check out my site yet? You should check it out I have a lot of post about different related topics and especially on Mental Illness.

Hope: I like the way you did it the site. I’m not too savy on socia media.

Me: Thank you, that motivates me to keep on doing this. I still have a lot to do with the site. My goal is to be a mental health advocate. As well as enlighten the stigma behind mental health. Including giving support to the love ones that have to deal with people with mental Illness.

I’m also going to venture in public speaking in different places. My aim hopefully, I pray to Jehovah God that he gives the strength and courage to continue with this project.

Because my journey is many others journey and there’s a need for support out there. I find many are ashamed to say they are Sick.

Thissight is a safe space for them, it’s for everyone going through any journey in life that needs support. To be able to be able to be understood by other experiencing the same issues. They can comment, vent about what’s going on with them and they  can and should remain anynamous.

Me: Oh wow sis that’s nice!! My family made me cry the day before yesterday..they keep saying to me nothing is wrong with u.

Hope: I’m so sorry you have to deal with such comments. They make us feel even worse. That’s exactly the reason why I did this because I know what’s it’s like. You can go on the website and write what you dealing with. You don’t have to mention your name, it’s a space and start a conversation. I will have educational stuff on Site. For example unbalance chemicals In our brain experiences. Another is suicide, ones who took their life because no one believes them.

That’s why it’s not only for people that has the illness it’s for people that are uneducated about it and help them know how to deal With a love one that has this illness or any other illness

Me: Use the website as your get away to vent just remain unanimous.

Hope: Ok, I can help people too. You never know right?

Me: Of course you can, that’s the purpose. You teach others and that will help to make you stronger mentally as well. Contact me anytime stay strong Jehovah is on your side.


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