Staying healthy doesn’t have to be snack free or desert free!!! This only if you are on keto eating lifestyle journey.

0E918240-5E14-4A3B-89A4-16C9D9AA4331Raspberry cheesecake fat bombs:
If you are team keto you must have fat bombs on hands at all times. When you are on the go, or want to have a snack in between meals. When hunger hits, or urge for a snack you don’t want to grab just anything. Why? You will not stay ketoliscious! It will probably kick you out of ketosis. You don’t want that. How I made it, I didn’t follow a recipe. So can’t give you macros, but I assure you it’s keto approved.
4 oz of cream cheese. 4 oz of heavy cream.
2 Tbs of swerve.
1 oz of frozen raspberry no sugar added sugar. Blend in my ninja for 2 mins to mix everything well. Pour in mold, or ice tray, place in freezer until firm. You can use stevia or any sweetener keto approve of your choice. Ketodeliscious!!!!0E918240-5E14-4A3B-89A4-16C9D9AA4331

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