What a day! Venting… tomorrow is another day.

8793C663-BD98-4AE6-8DBE-70C43B1E92F3My day started with Bootcamp: This is Mike him and his wife owns True Grit fit … he was in the mood for reggae music 🕺🏻 but he was tricking us to kick but that he did. Love it either way; never boring , never the same exercise… keep my endorphins buzzing like a bee. Then field service of course…my day ended up at Tmobile with a defective phone. Love Tmobile. So dissatisfied and disappointed with their customer service. As result they lost a family as loyal customers to Verizon.. make the best out of your circumstances… don’t let it ruin your entire day. Things happen…tomorrow is  another day. I’m tired and drained,. The day was actually worst than what I’m sharing. Sometimes it’s not worth going over all the details of a horrible day. You will only allow it to drain you more. So move forward, don’t let it rob of your joy.

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