Making healthier choices on the go.

Sometimes we find ourselves on the go. Can’t find something healthy to eat on the road that’s affordable. So we find ourselves getting fast food.  Now fast food places are offering better choices and displaying the calories, I don’t know re reliable they are. Hey! At least you have something to go by when making your choices.

What always staggers me, is that you have so many options 4 items for $4.00 but the salad is between $7.00-$10.00 sometimes a little over. I always ask myself, shouldn’t it be the other way around?  If the salad is more affordable, people can many better healthy choices. Since there’s so many illnesses that are triggers by our nutrition, not to mention obesity that results to so many illnesses.

If our health calls for us to make healthier choices, there’s ways we can make that happen without spending muc money. Especially if we are on the go often.

with all that said, I want to share a simple on the run choice I made. This cost me about $6.00 bucks maybe less. I eat the Keto lifestyle, so I had a frozen bag of cheeses and broccoli and Evoo tuna pouch in olive oil.

I made those choices base on keto works. Which is to consume healthy fats and avoid sugar less process food.  { This is an easy healthy meal in my opinion for almost any type of eating lifestyle. I added a little bit more shredded cheddar cheese and a little pink Himalayan salt on the tuna.      A9EB0584-179E-45DE-972F-9BE0878F56DFPlease feel free to share your comments and thoughts on this topic.


11 thoughts on “Making healthier choices on the go.

    • Herline Faustin- Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      It’s ok me too.😂 I will be adding more features very soon So I can be more personal with my dears friends here.


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