Who can relate? Take a walk in my shoes! Surviving with multiple auto immune illnesses.

4B2B6EBB-AF73-4B0A-9739-559EACC489A9.jpegLiving & surviving with (RA) Rheumatoid Athritis. The past few days has been unbearable. Feeling pain in my legs I’ve never felt before to this degree. I’ve done what I can do at home. Biofreeze, muscle rub, applying heat. When I wake in the morning the minute I try to walk, the pain I felt just putting my feet on the floor to walk I try to hold tears back. Since I was at boot camp I made an attempt to run, I wanted to collapse. So I walked the way through, if I didn’t my legs would remain stiff. “Take a walk in my shoes”, I thought to my self as everyone were running past me. But I was ok because I said to myself I’m working harder than anyone else in the group. Keep moving! Going to attempt to see my rheumatologist this morning. This needs to be checked out.

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