Benefits of being healthy, nutrition & fitness.

*{I am not a nutritionist or health coach* }.

“Im sharing what I found to work for me and many others is shearing pound and getting healthier to live a more functional life” I received a question from a dear friend about living the Keto lifestyle. I call it ketoliscious.. Because keto life style way of eating is deliscious.,, yummy.

Question: So is the keto protocol helping the rheumatoid pain?

Answer:    Keto eating life style . It is a Lifestyle way of eating goes straight to burning fat. The less weight you have on you the less inflammation you have to deal with. It’s healthier way of eating so you don’t have to worry about putting bad things in your body results lesss inflammation you’ll be lighter exercise those joints results less inflammation. I’m sure we will still have days there’s no cure but we can ourselves to be more functional and have good days that’s my way of looking at it. In addition, you eat a lot of healthy fats. Do you mind if I put this question on my website it’s up and out to the works still some twining needed. You don’t miss out on anything. You can still have wonderful healthy wonderful desert and much… if wants to know more please ask.

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