Poetry Decoding-my Heart


948742C6-B39F-4D2C-9ABF-138F3F52A3F9The circle of life People comes and go. Some were passing travelers. Some left memorable prints on the heart. They came and they left. Pleasurable memories you’ll forever treasure. Mentoring moments will always serve as a treasure map. People come and go. Some were bystanders, waiting and watching to see you fall, she’s the black sheep some say. Motivation build from bystanders and you stand up tall, yes standing ovations and bye you wave, showing gratitude for the you that you made. People comes and goes. Pain and sorrows you’ve gained, those whom has gain full trust and confidence. You have those whom who feels obliged. Their obligation become your deterioration. Thanks I say and show gratitude for whom I learn not to be. People comes and go, those who are tagged “Judas Kiss”. No further need to explore, that’s speaks for it self. It’s tagged.
People comes and goes and you wish they could stay because they bring out the best in you. They love you at your best and at your worst. People comes and goes, you thought they were gone but they’ve been right there all along. Don’t get lost in the circle, the circle forever remains. Build your circle quality over quantity. The ones that comes in the circle that are genuine will be. In the circle they belong. The ones that are not genuine . They stand out! in the middle of circle and they shamelessly step out. The ones that goes serve a purpose, they no longer play a part. They are called life teachers. With smile and kindness I show my gratitude I wave and blow a kiss.. But missing you is beyond words.

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