Poetry Decoding-My Heart



45ADCBA6-C5A4-47FC-B46F-6FEB1E4DDD73Sometimes! you know you have done something good, you’ve done something very well. You seeking approvals, looking to hear a job well done! It means so much more when it comes from the people closest to you. It’s ok if you don’t hear at all. In life, sometimes you have to tell yourself…”DARLING YOU ARE FABULOUS” SNAP SNAP 💁🏽😂🙌🏽💯☄️☄️☄️☄️



Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. Getting lost in your private space is not enough. What is know to be your sanctuary has become your battle ground. Creating safe space within yourself. Hugging yourself in a shape of a fetus leaving the outside world. listening to your heart beat. Listening to flutters the sound of the ocean. Still it’s just a dream.

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